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Our mailbox service allows you to receive directly at your home any product you buy in stores in the United States online.

At no cost, we will report to you as your merchandise arrives via email, we dispatch individually or consolidate the merchandise according to the instructions given by the client. Our cargo only flies in UPS Priority in ULD (Unit Load Device) which avoids the deterioration of the merchandise and allows us to have excellent delivery times.

Al sign up for FREE, you will get a physical correspondence address in Miami where you can send all the purchases you make, which we will deliver to your address in Colombia.

With more than 18 years of experience in courier management, we have the best rates you can find and customer service like no other.

Free locker

You registered here at no cost and start shopping in the USA with peace of mind.

Payment in Colombia

All payments made in Colombia are settled with the TRM + 3% of the day the service was provided (financial cost of transferring the money to the USA).

Our rates are simple

1.8 USD per pound minimum 10 pounds.

Insurance 3 USD that covers up to 100 USD in case of loss.

Taxes according to the declared value and the tariff position.

Avoid Paperwork

Merflex will be in charge of carrying out all the corresponding customs and tax procedures.

Times and Rates

We have excellent delivery times (between 2 to 3 business days) and special rates. The times could only vary due to force majeure complications.

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